Now at Google Play Books!

A message came from an overseas fan of mine at Wattpad the other day. He was interested in buying my books, but only had access to the Google Play store.

I had uploaded a few of my books to the Google Play store a year and a half to two years ago. I found the experience confusing and clunky, and I was never sure if my books were on sale or not. However, not wanting to lose a possible customer and reader, I decided to give it another go.

The experience has much improved over when I last tried it. Uploading was easy, as was entering in the information. (It helps to always scroll down the windows you come across.) The only clunky part was pricing. Google will discount your books, so you have to adjust your price so that Google's discount doesn't take you under what your price is at Amazon, because Amazon is very aggressive about price-matching.

As of now, most of my titles are on sale at the Google Play store. I'll update the various pages here at the blog over the coming week with links for each title.

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