The Brothel of Doom


Here is the second book in my "Jilla the Rogue" series:

Here is the book trailer:

The next books in the series will be out next year. I hope you'll get this one!


Problem on Polonius


Here is my latest release:

Ensign Mateo Hobson is an Alliance Patrol officer with no career direction. He’s given a chance to find it in the Intelligence Directorate. His mission is to go to the planet Polonius, which wants to join the Alliance, and find out why no one’s been arrested for a crime spree on that world. He’ll also learn why some names of Hamlet characters are used for town names and some aren’t, and why some cop-donut jokes cannot be killed.

Here's the book trailer:

The book is on sale now!


The Set-Up Spell


Mick the schemer is brought before King Clarence of Whitestone. The King wants a clever way to deal with the evil kingdom of Iron Mountain and its effort to stir up Whitestone’s neighbors. Mick conjures up a scheme to lift up then bring down a cruel Baron. Will it work? Everyone can but hope, and scheme.

Here is the book trailer: 

The book is on sale now!


Captain Conner on the Magical Frontier


Here is my latest book:

Conner, a soldier in the Army of the Seven Kingdoms, solves a tricky matter and earns a promotion. He’s sent beyond the Seven Kingdoms to the frontier to deal with miners, outlaws, and the lizard men. This collection contains several stories of Conner’s deeds on a frontier of magic and mystery.

And this is the book trailer:

The book is on sale now!


A Kingdom Shall Fall


King Karitsus of Atulaya wants to rule a mighty empire. Queen Hirzolu of Bintuvia just wants to take care of her kingdom and her family. Queen Hirzolu and her daughter are smart, while King Karitsus and his eldest son are not. What will happen when smarts and strength collide?

Well, you can probably guess, but the journey will be interesting.

Here's the trailer: 

I hope you enjoy this one!


July Model Train Video

For the July video I ran an excursion train. Plus there's a sneak peek at what I'm working on next...


The Golem of Justice


I've started a new series, Jilla the Rogue. The first book in the series is out. You can read about it at the new series page, or watch this little trailer:

I hope you enjoy this one. More books in the series will be out next year!


Tales of Love and Magic


Here are four stories of young ladies dealing with the power of love and magic. The heroines employ disguises, tricks, and jests, all to help them find their partners and their places.

You can learn a little more from the book trailer:

The collection is on sale now!


April Model Train Video

 My latest model train video is a look back to the layout I built in 2010. It looked nice, but it had a critical design flaw.

I'll try to keep up with posts about my videos.



Writing Progress, December 2020


Here’s the last update on how much I’ve written, both in December and for all of 2020.

I’m happy this year is over. I hope all of you are doing well.

So, as far as writing in December goes, I was able to finish a 54,300-word short novel. I’m part of the way through another novel. It feels as though this one will be at least as long as the the last one and probably longer. I’ve really been going at it with both projects.

That means I wrote 297 pages written last month. That’s about 20 pages ahead of where I’d have been had I only met my session goals. So a good end to the year.

Adding up all the monthly page totals for 2020, I wrote 3,030 pages last year. That ends up being a little over 750,000 words written. For comparison, I wrote 2902 pages in 2019. I wondered last year if I’d make it to 3/4 of a million words. Despite everything, I did it!

Now for some changes.

Not in my writing goals. They’ll still be 4 pages a session, 3 sessions a day, 5 days a week. No, the change comes here to the website. I’m moving the writing updates to my monthly email newsletter.

I feel I can’t do these posts, and promotion posts, and the newsletter. I’d rather blog when I have something worth blogging about. I’d rather do the updates in the newsletter, since I won’t have to write all that much, just give some numbers and a sentence or two. It feels like it will go along with the little bit I put in the newsletter about what’s inspiring me, what I’m reading, and so on.

One more reason for you to subscribe. :)

Here’s hoping for a better year for all of us. Take care!

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