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My name is Robert Collins, and I'm an author living in Kansas.

I write science fiction & fantasy. Some of my works are light, some are dark, and some fall in the middle. I have written nonfiction in the past; that part of my writing work is on long-term hiatus. I live as minimally as I can. I'm hoping to one day live in a tiny house. I’m also into model railroading.

To see all there is about my life, click All Links. You can find me online, watch my videos, and read some of my works.

I've started a Substack to talk about being an indie author. I will post my releases there, but I'll be writing other posts about writing and publishing. Find it here.

I have a monthly email newsletter. Enter your email address in the box below or click here. I talk about what I’m reading, what’s inspiring my stories, and what I’m releasing.

Last, you can email me at: rlckansas(@) (remove the parentheses)

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