“The Witch Queen” series continues


There are now three more books available in The Witch Queen series.

In book 3, Queen Maisy has to deal with a nearby kingdom with designs on conquering her allies.

In book 4, Queen Maisy makes a new ally while an old foe plots against his enemies.

In book 5, Queen Maisy travels once more, making friends but also being witness to a disaster.

All three books are on sale. Check the Witch Queen series page for longer descriptions. Check the store links page to find your store and buy copies.


Newsletter Changes

So, I was all set Thursday the 6th to send out the first issue of my new email newsletter, even though I was the only subscriber. I finished the newsletter and hit send.

And nothing. For hours.

It finally showed up in my inbox, but only after three emails to the service I was using, none of which were all that helpful. I chose to sign back up to MailChimp. I copied as much of the February issue as I could and sent it out.

It turned up in my inbox instantly.

I’ll be sticking with MailChimp for now. I hope you’ll sign up. It’ll be a work-in-progress for a while, so signing up and giving me feedback would be helpful.


Writing Progress, January 2020

New year so new series of posts about how much I’m writing.

January was a productive month for me. I wrote a 48K-word novel and three short stories. One of the short stories was 7100 words long, the second 6500 words, and the third 5300 words. In terms of pages written, that comes out to 268 pages written to start off 2020. That’s 10 less than last month, but still pretty good.

I’ve got a few more short stories on deck. After that I have a few projects that I think should end up being novels. I’m hoping at least one of them will end up being fairly long. You’ll have to keep following my blog to find out how I do.

Speaking of following, and yes, I have said it already, but I’m starting up a monthly email newsletter this week. If you subscribe you’ll hear about my new releases before I post about them here. You’ll also hear about what I’m watching and reading, and what’s inspiring my writing. It’ll be something of a work in progress for a time, so subscribing and commenting on it can help me tweak it.

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