What I’ve Watched

Been watching more Mystery Science Theater 3000 since the last post on this topic:

617 - The Sword and the Dragon
620 - Danger! Death Ray!
701 - Night of the Blood Beast
705 - Escape 2000
804 - The Deadly Mantis
806 - The Undead
807 - Terror from the Year 5000
808 - The She-Creature
809 - I Was a Teenage Werewolf
810 - The Giant Spider Invasion

Plus I snuck in the shorts “Out Of This World” and “The Chicken of Tomorrow.”

I get to these through the Club MST3K website. I still have more to get through, so there’s bound to be more posts. Nor have I forgotten about posting about other videos I’ve watched and enjoyed, so as they say, stay tuned...


Recently Read

I read some more books in October. As before, the links with the titles go to Goodreads. Here they are:

The One-Armed Queen


The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl

You can send me a friend request at Goodreads or follow me. Also, if you’ve liked the books I’ve written, you can rate or review them there, too.


Tradecraft: Revenge

Central Station is a gathering place for the artists, merchants, and politicians of the Galactic League. Aliens come from all over the galaxy to exchange ideas and resolve disputes.

Paolo Chelini transports a human to an unoccupied planet inside the Elsora Imperium. Buried on that rock in space is a fortune in gold and silver. The client claims a deceased Elsora criminal left the wealth to him. Sure enough, the claim checks out.

Chelini and his friends on Central Station find themselves puzzling over the connections between that client, scandals in the Elsora Imperium, and an ancient human novel...

Tradecraft: Revenge is now available in print and as an ebook. Check your favorite online store to get a copy!


Writing Stats for October 2019

Time for another update about how much I’m writing.

In the middle of the month I finished what I was working on. The project ended up being a 48,000-word short novel. I paused for a week to outline more stories and to get some publishing work accomplished. At the end of the month I started work on a new story, which ended up being a 14,000-word novella.

That means I wrote 231 pages in October. That is, oddly enough, about 14 pages less than what I accomplished in September. I had quite a few very productive days writing that short novel.

I’ve got a number of stories to work on moving forward. They do appear to be short, so I might have to plot out more to keep me going to the end of the year. That said, I think November will be fine.

Onward! And to those of you taking part in NaNo, I hope you achieve your writing goals!

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