Alliances & Armies

Nemya is the daughter of Queen Nonya of Poneclia. Poneclia and the other kingdoms that used to be part of the Usaru Empire are swept with rumors of conflict.

Queen Nonya dispatches her daughter as a Royal envoy to make alliances. Nemya tries to make allies and arrange a marriage. She must also seek allies among the kingdoms of the Etoiya, who are little known to Poneclia and her neighbors.

Nemya is also a growing young woman, struggling to find her place in a complex and dangerous world. Will Nemya’s heart and head take her to her destiny?

Alliances & Armies is now available.


Writing Stats for August 2019

Another month has gone by, so time to report on how much I’ve written.

August zipped along. There were a few missed sessions, and I took the last five day of the month to plot upcoming works. That means I wrote 284 pages. That’s 5 fewer pages than July. Among the pieces I wrote were some short stories and another short novel.

I have projects ready to go as the new month gets underway. I’m back to releasing new books, so keep an eye out for those. I’m also hoping to get back to reading.

Stay tuned!

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