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Here's what I've read since I last posted on this subject back in January. As always, the links go to the individual book pages at Goodreads. The books:

The Calculating Stars

The Fated Sky

How to Marry a Werewolf

Snow White Learns Witchcraft

The Bayern Agenda

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Writing Stats for April 2019

It's time for another post about how much I'm writing this year.

April was another good month. I completed the third book in the trilogy I've been working on mid-way through the month. It ended up being 106,000 words. I paused for a few days to rest and to take care of some routine medical stuff. I started on a new project and it's moving along.

That means I wrote 226 pages in April. That's about 20 pages over what I'd have done if I'd only stuck to my session goals!

As I said, the new project is flowing. My hope right now is that it turns out to be a full novel. What I'd really like would be for it to be over 100K words. It's a stand-alone work, and I'd like to write a stand-alone novel that comes in at 100K or more.

Here's hoping for more good news in May!

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