Two More Series Consolidated

I've consolidated two more of my series. The first to tell you about is The Frigate Victory Omnibus Collection:

This collection contains all the Frigate Victory science fiction short stories. The stories are in chronological order. The contents of Volumes 1, 2, & 3 are together for the first time.

Captain Jason Ayers and his crew deal with aliens, politicians, colonists, and pirates. There are action stories, mysteries, and dramas. These tales have appeared in Tales Of The Talisman, Golden Visions, and The Fifth Di..., among others.

This collection is in a print edition. The ebook edition includes the three short-story collections and the short novel Bear at the Door. Check the stand-alone SF/F page for store links.

The next to tell you about is The Blue Pistol:

"The Blue Pistol" and his allies use guns and magic to fight the Slavers Guild, the ruling power of the Settled Domains. They also use terror, deception, truth, and knowledge in their fight against slavery. This ebook combines the six novels that make up the series into a single digital compilation volume.

This collection is only an ebook. Check the Blue Pistol series page for store links.


Writing Stats for April 2017

Here's the latest update on how much I've been writing, this time for April of 2017.

I finished one work, and there was a brief interruption in the schedule before I started on the next project. That one is speeding towards its conclusion.

I was able to write 162 pages this past month. If I had made all of my daily goals I would have written 180 pages, so I was only 20 pages off the pace. In addition to that, there were two days in April that I wrote 12 pages in a day. So, a little shy of the goal but a good month overall.

As I noted, I'm approaching the end of the current project. After that I plan to pause my writing to take care of some book formatting for next year and maybe do some other things. The May page count will be low, but I hope to get back on track sometime later.

I'll report on my progress in another month!

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