The Defender Number 8

The eighth book in the Defender series, The Conspiracy, is now out. Here's what it's about:

Prince Alfred has not forgotten his humiliation in front of his father, King William, by “The Defender” and Princess Elspeth. She will follow their father to the throne, not Alfred.

Princess Elspeth fears that Alfred and a few Lords might be plotting to stop her as her father lays dying. She enlists the help of the Defender and his wife, “The Moon Spirit,” to find the plotters and expose them.

Will the Defender and the Moon Spirit be able to uncover the conspiracy against Elspeth? Can their magic prevent a civil war?

Like the others in the series, this is available as an ebook at all the usual places; check the Defender page for store links.


Writing Stats for June 2015

This is the sixth post of the year, updating you about how much I'm writing.

I was fairly productive for the time I was writing. As I said previously, I had two cons to attend, so I lost several days to all that. So, for June I wrote 118 pages. Off, but I'm pretty happy about how much I did.

I have some odds and ends to take care of the first few days of July, and a con at the end of the month, but I should be able to make progress the rest of the month. Thanks for all your support!

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