Writing Stats for December 2017

Here is the last post for 2017, summing up December and the year in general for my writing.

December started by finishing the story I'd been working on. The piece ended up being a novel that came in at 76,000 words. After that I started on a new work. It's the first of a three-part story. However, I'm not certain right now if those three parts will be long enough to be stand-alone novels, or if they'll have to be combined into one long novel.

So, for December, I wrote 205 pages. Even when errands got in the way a few times, I was able to make up ground. That's actually about 15 pages over what I would have written had I met all my session goals.

For the year I wrote 1,853 pages. What does that mean? It means that I completed a 55,000-word short novel; a 70,00-word novel; an 81,000-word novel; and a 76,000-word novel. I'm about 50,000 words into the project I'm working on. Although I had some slow months, I'm pretty satisfied with how much I wrote in 2017.

As for 2018, I do have the current project to complete, and the next two parts of that story to write. I have another work in the series I've been working on the past couple years plotted as well. Beyond that, I think I'll plot out at least one more work in that series (if not more). In short, I should be able to keep busy for at least the first half of the year.

Here's hoping for more works written in 2018!

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