Event Report - OSFest 4

The weekend of July 22-24 I was in Omaha for OSFest 4, the annual SF/F con. I spent most of my time at the author co-op table.

I didn't get to see a great deal of the con, but I met lots of nice people. I told several about Smashwords and how they could get all sorts of ebooks there (and not just mine). One man downloaded one of my free Surgard stories while I was at the table. I'm not sure I'll get any ebook sales from the con, but I hope I pointed people in the right direction towards finding ebooks.

As for my print sales, they were good. I sold 18 books at the con, including a couple railroad books. I did my best to encourage people to buy books from the other authors at the table. Since I didn't know their works, I'm not sure if I did a good job. I'm going to send an email up to the con staff in the next week or so with some suggestions. I'd like others to do as well as I did.

It was a long drive up, about six hours each way (including stops for gas and lunch). That also kept me from taking part in more stuff. Still, I had fun and sold books, so I'm looking forward to heading back up to Omaha next year.

PS--Sorry it's been so long between posts. My sinuses were acting up again. It was all I could do to work on my writing and story uploads.

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