What I’ve Watched

Continued watching Mystery Science Theater 3000:

814 - Riding With Death
815 - Agent for HARM
817 - The Horror of Party Beach
818 - Devil Doll
911 - Devil Fish
912 - The Screaming Skull
1006 - Boggy Creek 2
1010 - It Lives By Night
1011 - Horrors of Spider Island
104 - Women of the Prehistoric Planet
203 - Jungle Goddess
213 - Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster

And with that I’ve seen most of what I wanted to see of classic MST3K. I’m going to move onto other series. I think it’s also important for me to remind you that Doctor Who starts back up January 1, 2020, and I’ll be watching that as well.


Restarting My Newsletter

I’m going to give an email newsletter another go.

My thought is to mention what’s inspiring my writing, talk a little about what I’m watching and reading, and let subscribers know what I’m releasing. The plan is to send it out on the first Thursday of each month. The first one will go out in February. This should give me time to get things ready.

You can subscribe through the link next to this post. I’ll try to post another reminder next month. I hope you’ll like the new newsletter!


Recently Read

I’ve read a few more books since my last post on this topic.

I completed the last half of Gail Carriger’s Custard Protocol series, Competence and Reticence. I really enjoyed both books, and the series as a whole. There was quite a bit of building out the world, even up to the end of the last book. Both books had delightful character romances of quite different kinds (I won’t say more because spoilers.) I liked that both books were told from other point-of-view characters. Gail’s characters are good, but it was fun to get into lots of heads and see everyone from a variety of perspectives.

I also read three short books by Victorian author George MacDonald. He was one of the era’s pioneers in the fantasy genre. The books of his I read were The Light Princess, The Princess and the Goblin, and Phantases.

The first two are breezy little fairytales with a good sense of humor about them. The first is about a Princess who loses gravity (in both senses of the word) while the other is more of an adventure. The third book tells of a young man’s visit to Fairy Land and the strange, dark, and wondrous things he finds. It’s intriguing but also somewhat overwritten, which slows it down.

I’m not sure how much I’ll read coming up, but what I do read I’ll post about it. I hope you’re enjoying what you’re reading!

P.S.: You might notice that box on the right. Yes, I am going to restart my email newsletter. It won’t start until February so I can work any kinks out before the first newsletter goes out. I’ll post more later...


Writing Stats for November 2019

Almost to the end of the year! Here’s how much I wrote in last month.

November zipped along, much like October. I managed to finish two novellas (14K & 12K words) and 3 short stories (8400, 4200, & 7250 words). In addition, I’m about 2/3 done with a short novel (32K words as I write this post).

All that means I wrote 278 pages in November. That’s almost 50 pages more than what I did in October. I did pause for a week that month, so the numbers this month feel only a little ahead of normal.

I have a few more projects to tackle once this work is complete. I have some ideas on what to write after that. I think I should end the year in good shape.

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