Two Series Consolidated

I'm consolidating some of my series books into single volumes this year. The first two are now available. The first is The Case Files of Gwen Conner:

Gwen Conner’s world isn’t your typical fantasy setting. She solves mysteries in a land where magic is used to create telephones, dictation machines, and streetcars. It’s also a world of scheming criminals, cheating spouses, and charming con artists. This collection contains fourteen Gwen Conner stories.

This collection combines the previous two volumes of collected short stories into one single volume. It includes the stories “Spook Wagon,” “The 'Affair' of the Love Letters,” and  “The Plum Grove Robbery Case,” among others.

This is available as a print book and as an ebook. Check this page for store links.

The other is Lisa's Path, a consolidation of the Lisa Herbert series:

Lisa Herbert wants to bring back the life that people had before the "Savage Rain" closed the hyperspace gates and isolated colony worlds. She uses trade, compassion, and her wits to bring worlds together and resolve their problems.

This ebook combines the individual novels and short stories that make up the “Lisa Herbert” series into a single digital compilation. This includes putting the short stories between the first, second, and third novels in the series, and for the first time.

This collection is only in ebook form. Check the Lisa Herbert series page for store links.


Writing Stats for March 2017

Here's the latest post about how much I've been writing.

March was an up-and-down month. When I was been working, I produced. But I had quite a few interruptions, errands mostly. That means I wrote 157 pages during the month. If I had written to my goals, I would have gotten 200 pages written. So, I was about a quarter off the mark for the month.

I have a little ways to go before I hit the end of the current project. I'm working on getting a plot assembled for the next one. Here's hoping that April goes well!

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