The Hub Trilogy 3

 I’m releasing all three books in this trilogy this month; here is the third:


The struggle to rule the Goblin Empire ends in murder. Princess Ischo is forced to flee to the Elven Holding. She hopes the elves will help her regain power, but that is as much in the hands of her and her people as the elves.

Meanwhile, the elf scholar Avahyl is tasked with examining ancient and mysterious scrolls at the edge of the Holding. Her journey will be fraught with madness, but might lead to acclaim and friendship.

In these disparate experiences of two women, the influence of Hub will continue to be felt, as it is around the world.

All three are on sale now!


The Hub Trilogy 2

I’m releasing all three books in this trilogy this month; here is the second:

 A struggle over succession is underway in the Goblin Empire. Two Princes aim to follow the aging Emperor. To gain favor they plot against other lands.

The unity being built by Duncan of Salt Bay and his friends and allies will stand against these schemes. The other races and domains must come to each other’s aid. Magic and intelligence can combine to stop this threat to peace and prosperity.

Far away, a Ship’s Master from Salt Bay has to prove to the humans of one land that others no longer seek to conquer them. Will world events convince them of everyone’s honest intentions?

All three are on sale now!


The Hub Trilogy 1

I’m releasing all three books in this trilogy this month; here is the first:

The races and domains have created the town of Hub as a place for them to negotiate with each other. Hub sits on the border of the Elven Holding and the human Kingdom of Flint Plains.

Duncan, a scribe from the human Kingdom of Salt Bay, comes to Hub to get permission to visit the Holding. His purpose is to learn more about the lands across the sea west of Salt Bay. This simple mission will have consequences for the wider world. It marks the dawn of efforts by most domains to help each other.

But building peace is not on everyone’s mind. The Goblin Empire seeks to use the calm to undermine the other domains. Yet connections are being made and found between humans, elves, and dwarves. History is still being written. Who knows where the tale will go?

All three are on sale now!


Writing Progress, August 2020

Another month gone means another blog post about how much I’m writing.

I wrote short stories in August. 10 of them, to be precise. Here are the rough word counts of the stories I completed: 6500; 5300; 6300; 7000; 8000; 7750; 7700; 7800; 4400; 3400.

In terms of pages, that’s 254 pages written in August. As it happens, I missed a few sessions and one day, since I didn’t want to start a new story immediately after finishing a story. I also had a few things to take care of that happened to fall during writing time. So 254 is just a couple pages over what I would have hit had I met all my session goals.

As for September, well, as I write this, I just finished another short story. We’ll see if this month is as strong as August.

One last thing: I’m changing the schedule of my email newsletter from the first Thursday of every month to the first Monday. That means you have time to subscribe before the next issue comes out. I suggest you do subscribe, as I’m mentioning there what I’m reading and watching, giving a first look at my releases, and talking about my model railroad videos.

Take care!

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