The Fateful Lightning

My latest novel, The Fateful Lightning, is now on sale. Here's what it's about:

Owen Brown has followed his father, John Brown, and his brothers to Kansas Territory to fight the wicked institution of slavery. He’s met one of the native medicine men of the Territory, who teaches him something the white men call “magic.”

Owen encourages his father to learn native magic. It could be a tool in their struggle against the nation’s great sin, slavery. John Brown is persuaded, and the two learn from the native.

Over the next decade, Owen will use magic in the service of his cause. It will take him across the Territory during “Bleeding Kansas,” and across the nation when the Civil War comes. His powers will increase, but so will his duty to himself, his beliefs, and to those around him.

The novel is available in print and ebook editions. Click this link to find an online store.


Writing Stats for July 2015

Here's the seventh post this year about how much I've been writing.

July has been and up-and-down month. I've had solid days of writing, and days where errands got in the way of some of my sessions. All that means I wrote 133 pages this past month. I may lose a week or so in August, due to errands and such, but there's nothing on my schedule until well into September. Here's hoping for more writing done!

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