Event Report - Halstead Book Talk

On Sunday, March 18, I spoke at the Halstead Historical Museum (at the old Santa Fe depot). I spent much of my time talking about my Kansas, 1874 book. Most of the questions that came after my talk were about the Arkansas Valley Interurban. The AVI was the trolley line that connected Wichita, Newton, and Hutchinson. The AVI ran a block south of the depot, and the Halstead AVI depot still stands. A couple dozen people came to the talk, and I sold a handful of books.

(The photo, BTW, wasn't taken on the 18th.)

I decided to ramble a bit before my talk and take some pictures. Here's one of the shots: an abandoned church in Sylvia.

My next book-selling event is the Cow Creek Book Festival at the Hutchinson library on the 31st. If you're going to be in the area, or know someone who will be, please let them know about the festival.


Event Report - Paola book talk

On Wednesday the 29th, I had a book talk at the Miami County Historical Museum in Paola, Kansas.

On the way up I made a few stops. I placed copies of the new Lisa's Way at Town Crier Books in Emporia. I gave a copy of Pieces of Kansas History to the Kansas State Historical Society. The KSHS wasn't able to take my donation of part of my clippings collection. These are the clippings of newspapers made from microfilm that I use as research for my books. The Andover Public Library has agreed to take them. Right now they have the clippings from my Lane and Blunt biographies and my railroad books and articles.

My talk in Paola was about Kansas, 1874. About half a dozen people showed up, but I sold 9 books. I talked about the book and my railroad books. Even though the turnout was low, I'd be happy to go back when I have my book on county-seat conflicts out.

As it happened, I also got the chance to show off my iPad. The clerk at the hotel in Paola has some books he'd like to publish. We also talked about the iPad, since he had an interest in photos, ebooks, and audio. On the way back Thursday I stopped at the Book Grinder. I was there to place books; the owner was also interested in the iPad. She's like something easier to use than the desktop PC she has behind the counter.

Overall it was a nice trip. I should have some book news soon...

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