What I’ve Watched

Some months back I decided to watch episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that for one reason or another I’d missed when they first aired. I thought it might be fun to post here what I’ve watched. Here’s what I’ve seen (or raced through) since this started:

314 - Mighty Jack
322 - Master Ninja
407 - The Killer Shrews
414 - Tormented
415 - The Beatniks
418 - Attack of the Eye Creatures
421 - Monster A-Go-Go
502 - Hercules
504 - Secret Agent Super Dragon
505 - The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
508 - Operation Double 007
606 - The Creeping Terror
607 - Bloodlust
608 - Code Name Diamond Head

Recent skips: 609, The Skydivers; 614, San Francisco International

There’s still episodes I want to get through, so there’ll be more posts. I might also post about other things I’m watching, too. Keep checking in to see!


Recently Read

I got back to reading last month after a couple of months away. Like previously, the links are to the books on Goodreads. Here’s what I read in September:

White Jenna


You can send me a friend request at Goodreads or follow me. Also, if you’ve liked the books I’ve written, you can rate or review them there, too.


Queen Maisy Rises

Maisy is now the Witch Queen of Hatham, and faces many challenges. One of her advisors seeks power for himself. A Prince is coming from a distant kingdom to seek an alliance, and possibly marriage. There are reports of one of the Fairy Folk enticing a village girl from her brother.

Maisy must use her wits, her magic, and her compassion to face these challenges. Though she had claimed her birthright, she must work to remain THE WITCH QUEEN.

Queen Maisy Rises is now available. Check your favorite online bookstore!


Writing Stats for September 2019

Another month has gone by, so here’s another update of how much I’m writing.

By the way, check the new picture! I’m now writing on my new iPad Air 3. I’ve moved much of my publishing, social networking, video and podcast consumption, and few other things to this from the old MacBook Air.

I tried out the new tentative schedule of writing 3 sessions a day, Monday through Friday. I’ve been productive throughout each week, and the weekend breaks are allowing me to rest and recharge. This will be the new schedule for now.

All that means I wrote 246 pages. I finished two short novels, both around 35,000 words long.

I have one more project to work on. After that there will be a pause to plot out an idea or two, as well as proof some future releases. I guess I’ll see how October goes...

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