Some 2011 pictures

To close out the year, I'd like to post some of the pictures I took while on the road. These aren't event pictures, but shots of the places I was able to get to in 2011.

This is a former school building in Brookville in Saline County.

An old-fashioned Coke sign painted on one of the buildings in Wilson in Ellsworth County.

The Opera House in Grainfield in Gove County.

Lost Springs, a site along the Santa Fe Trail in Marion County (a late October shot).

The blockhouse at the reconstructed Fort Blair site in Baxter Springs, in Cherokee County.

The old windmill at the Morton County Historical Museum in Elkhart.

I hope I'll be able to take many more pictures while on the road in 2012. Best wishes for a safe and prosperous New Year!


LISA'S WAY giveaways

There are two giveaways in progress for the new edition of Lisa's Way. One is for copies of the paperback at Goodreads, while the other is for a Smashwords coupon to get the ebook at Library Thing. Here are the links to both:


Library Thing

I'm going to update the progress of them here:

Lisa's Way Facebook Page

If you enter, I wish you good luck! If you don't win a copy, I hope you'll still be interested in Lisa's Way to purchase one.

Talk to you later!

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