Hilia’s Help


For a time all is quiet for Hilia of Bacaria. She’s teaching magic and trying to be a friend. Then word comes from Regia Evodi that there’s trouble from south of Lergonia.

The old Regius of Largenna has died. His son has taken over, and is suspected of murder, even within his own household. His sister Theodi has fled to Lergonia to ask for help. Regia Evodi has called on Hilia to provide that help.

What can Hilia, a student, her friend Cloti, and Theodi do to bring down a Regius? How is Hilia going to be of any help this time?

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Hilia's Allies


The ruler of Bacaria informs Hilia that the ruler of Lergonia wants to marry the sister of the ruler of Bacaria’s northern neighbor, Vesonia. The only problem is that the ruler of Lergonia is supposed to be already married.

Hilia travels to Lergonia with the young woman in question to find out the truth of this proposal. Will Hilia’s magic and cleverness solve this mystery? And could the current wife of the ruler of Lergonia be another ally or an enemy?

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Hilia's Words


Hilia is a village girl of Bacaria, daughter of a blacksmith. Her interest in reading brings her to the local ruler. He teaches her to read.

One day she discovers a book on magic, a book no one else can read. This marks her as a magus, someone who can wield magic, a skill not seen in the generations since the fall of the Nuvum Empire.

After she passes into womanhood she’s called upon to use her blessing as a magus. This starts Hilia on her road as a magus, a fighter for justice, and an advocate for peace and cooperation.

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Ship Killer


Commander Jules Sinclair has a bold idea: equip a small warship with two jump drives. One is so the ship can travel in hyperspace, while the other powers a single pulse blaster. The power behind the weapon will allow that small ship to destroy larger ships with one shot. Sinclair believes his design will help the Independent Worlds Alliance stand up better to the aggressive Cassini Empire.

Construction and testing of Ship Killer goes well. Then the Empire destroys a rebel base. Its leaders may have designs on conquering more Alliance worlds. The Alliance’s political and military leaders can’t decide whether or not to construct more of Sinclair’s design. He and his small crew are given orders to go rogue and stop any threat to the Alliance.

In this slow-burn science-fiction drama, can one ship bring down an empire? Or will that one ship reveal that empire’s hidden weaknesses?

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Queen of Night and Day


Domenza moves from her land to another kingdom to marry a King. She’s of noble birth, and the marriage will benefit both lands. Domenza wants to be both useful and helpful to her new husband.

This sets her on the path of being an influence in the land of Atrebor. Her dark hair and tanned skin mark her as “the Queen of Night.” She will try to bring reason and justice to the land. Will doing so make her a “Queen of Night and Day?”

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