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If you look at the column to the right, you may notice that one of my links is to Pinterest. I'm back there, posting more for personal reasons than to promote, though I will do a little promotion of my stuff there along with everywhere else. I need books to sell, after all. :)

Anyway, I stumbled across a pin of one of the pictures I'd posted here years ago. I thought I'd posted more travel pictures, so I started checking old posts. It turned out I hadn't, and many of my pictures were gone. I must have inadvertently deleted some. I went back to many of my old posts and restored the pictures that disappeared. I'm going not to restore all of them. Some were cover images for books no longer in print. But I did what I could.

I also realized that I haven't posted very many of the pictures I took from my travels over the years. So I'm posting a few here. I hope to put up a few more of these picture posts as time permits. Without further ado, here goes!

This is the city hall building in Elmdale, Kansas; it was taken in October of 2009.

The Old Depot Museum in Ottawa, Kansas; it was the Santa Fe depot; this was taken in June of 2008.

Locomotive and coach from the Abilene & Smoky Valley excursion railroad; taken in Abilene in October of 2011.


Writing Stats for July 2018

Here's the latest update on how much I'm writing this year.

July was pretty steady for me. I completed project I'd been working on when the month started. It turns out to be a short novel of 56,000 words.

I paused after I finished. I had an idea for a story in a universe I'd worked in earlier this year. In doing so I decided that not only did I need to flesh out some details in what I'd already written, but I should break that work back into three parts, with the new project being a fourth part. I started work on that new project at the very end of the month.

All that means I wrote 185 pages in July. That's less than 10 pages under what I could have written if I'd met all my session goals for the month. While that's down a little from last month, it's a good number all the same.

As I said I've started on a new work. I'm pretty sure I'll be at it in August. I'm hoping it'll be long enough to keep me working for more than one month. Come back this time next month to see where things stand.

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