The “Tradecraft” Series Concludes

My science fiction series Tradecraft comes to an end with the following three books:

A kidnapping sends the galaxy racing towards war. Who benefits from conflict?

A dictator has taken control of a distant colony. An escapee from that world begs for help. Will the galaxy respond?

Several independent colonies face attack from an outlaw planet. Can they unite in time to prevent another war on the galactic frontier?

For more on the series check the Tradecraft series page. To buy the series, search at your favorite online store from my store links page.


Writing Progress, February 2020

Time for another update on how much I’m writing.

February started well, but then my sinuses acted up, and I lost much of the last week of the month (more due to being tired than sick, which is what happens when you don’t sleep well because your sinuses are acting up).

All that means I wrote 191 pages in February. That said, I got quite a lot written. I finished five short stories (two @ 5700 words, 7700 words, 3100 words, & 5800 words). I’m also one-quarter to one-third into a new novel. Still, if I had been able to keep to my schedule, I’d have written 240 pages.

I am feeling better, so I should be able to get back to the novel right away. I have a few more longer projects after that ready to go, and I have an idea for another project to outline. Keep following this blog to see how I do. Also, subscribe to my newsletter to learn about my releases before they’re posted here, as well as what I’m reading and watching.

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