More old pictures - part 4

Here are a few more pictures from my past travels. These were taken on a drive around Butler County in July 2011.

This first is what I believe is an old gas station in Latham.

This second is definitely a gas station (and in Latham), because it relates to the next picture...

This is the last sale made at the station on the pump still standing. Gas was $1.65 a gallon (the 1 was drawn on the window). The last sale was for a third of a gallon.

Finally, a side view of the library in Potwin, located in an old bank building.

Thanks for taking a look. I don't know if I'll have new pictures to share in the new year, but here's hoping!


Writing Stats for November 2018

Another month has passed, so here is an update on how much I wrote.

For some of you November is National Novel Writing Month. For me it's nothing special unless I write too much or too little. This past November I wrote 200 pages. That's about 10 pages over what I would have written if I'd only just met my session goals. And this number comes in spite of a pause between projects.

Speaking of projects, the month started with me finishing one. That ended up being a novel of about 70,000 words. I'm a little less than halfway through the current project which stands at just over 45,000 words. Looks like this book will be a bit longer than the books I've written this year.

Here's hoping for a strong final month of 2018!

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