Writing Stats for December 2016

Here's the last post updating you about how much I've written in 2016.

I spent part of the month adding material to two novels I'd recently completed. They're both still on the short side, but for now I'm okay with their lengths. I then spent some time assembling some of my series into consolidated volumes, and prepping works for future publication.

In short, I only wrote 72 pages in December. Still, I do have everything ready to be published for quite some time, so that work is done.

As for the year, I wrote a total of 1,483 pages. Honestly, that's about two to three months shy of what I could have accomplished, if I'd stuck to my daily goals. On the other hand, I've written two full-length novels (85,000 words and 72,000 words) and two short novels (56,000 words and 54,000 words). The 85k novel is the longest work I've ever written. I might not be happy with the raw numbers, but I am pleased about having written longer fiction in 2016.

As for January of 2017, I have a new work to start on. Here's hoping for good numbers in the new year!

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