What I've Read in 2018 (Part 4)

Here's what I've read since I last posted on this subject back in November. As always, the book title links go to the book pages at Goodreads. The books:

Record of a Spaceborn Few

Micro Living


The Well at the World's End

The Mummy!

So, in 2018, I read 30 books. Most were fantasy but there were a few science fiction titles on that list. How does that compare? Well, in 2017 I read 10 books. So, yeah, something of an increase.

I looked at my shelves at Goodreads. I have 45 books on the Classic shelf; 89 on Fantasy; 69 on Science Fiction; and 79 on Nonfiction (plus 10 on Game Books). There are some overlapping titles in the three fiction categories. Overall, though, I have 340 titles listed at Goodreads as books I've read. Out of those, 54 are my books. That means I have 286 books listed at Goodreads that I've read.

I don't know if I'll read 30 books in 2019. But I am hoping to read quite a few. Follow along and see how much I read this year!


Writing Stats for December 2018

Another year has gone by. Allow me to tell you first how much I wrote in December, and then how much I wrote overall for 2018. Buckle up, it's gonna be a long post.

December moved right along, in spite of not writing on Christmas and missing a few sessions. I wrote 214 pages, which ends up being over what I could have written if I'd strictly met my session goals (188 pages). This is in part due to me adding a Saturday afternoon writing session partway into the month.

I'll confirm it next month, but I think I am going to permanently add a Saturday afternoon session. That means I'll have two scheduled writing sessions a day Monday-Saturday. I want to do this so I'm not feeling bored, and so I can light a fire under myself to write a little bit more. Since my current project is turning out to be long, I would like the added session as a motivator to keep trying to write longer works.

As for 2018 itself, I wrote 2324 pages. That comes out to an average of 194 pages written per month, which is within the range I ought to be reaching by meeting my session goals. That means the year wasn't super-productive for me, but it went well. I am more than happy with that.

Here are the word counts of the projects I've worked on this year (with the month of completion):

55K short novel (February) - novel expanded from 44k to 77k (February) - 59k short novel (April) -
68k novel (May) - 75k novel (June) - 56k short novel (July) - 56k short novel (August) - 60k short novel (October) - 70k novel (November) - and 105k into novel (not yet completed)

That looks like quite a few books. But that's 5 short novels, 33k words to expand a work, and 3 novels around 70k words. What I am proud of in the last work in that list. It's now the longest fiction work I've written, and my first novel that will come in at over 100k words. It's the first in a trilogy. My hope is to replicate that feat with the other two books. I'd also like to have at least one more substantive novel written in 2019.

By the way: in 2017 I wrote 3 novels, a short novel, and was much of the way through the work I completed at the start of this year (1,853 pages written). In 2016 I wrote 2 novels and 2 short novels (1,483 pages written). I don't know if I'll write much more in 2019, but I'm glad the numbers have been increasing the last few years. Here's hoping!

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