Writing Progress, December 2020


Here’s the last update on how much I’ve written, both in December and for all of 2020.

I’m happy this year is over. I hope all of you are doing well.

So, as far as writing in December goes, I was able to finish a 54,300-word short novel. I’m part of the way through another novel. It feels as though this one will be at least as long as the the last one and probably longer. I’ve really been going at it with both projects.

That means I wrote 297 pages written last month. That’s about 20 pages ahead of where I’d have been had I only met my session goals. So a good end to the year.

Adding up all the monthly page totals for 2020, I wrote 3,030 pages last year. That ends up being a little over 750,000 words written. For comparison, I wrote 2902 pages in 2019. I wondered last year if I’d make it to 3/4 of a million words. Despite everything, I did it!

Now for some changes.

Not in my writing goals. They’ll still be 4 pages a session, 3 sessions a day, 5 days a week. No, the change comes here to the website. I’m moving the writing updates to my monthly email newsletter.

I feel I can’t do these posts, and promotion posts, and the newsletter. I’d rather blog when I have something worth blogging about. I’d rather do the updates in the newsletter, since I won’t have to write all that much, just give some numbers and a sentence or two. It feels like it will go along with the little bit I put in the newsletter about what’s inspiring me, what I’m reading, and so on.

One more reason for you to subscribe. :)

Here’s hoping for a better year for all of us. Take care!

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