The “Witch Queen” series concludes

My Witch Queen series ends with one novel, with two more side novels also now out:

Queen Maisy has always been in favor of expanding knowledge. Others feel threatened by her efforts, and they’re standing against her...

A bitter feud stands in the way of one woman’s love. How far will she go to find happiness?

A high-handed deed against a toolmaker sets a kingdom on fire. Will magic or words put out that raging blaze?

For more on check the Witch Queen series page. All three books are on sale now; check your favorite store to get them.


Writing Progress, May 2020

Another month has passed. I hope you’re all doing well. Here’s how my writing has been going.

May was a strong month. I completed a novel that came in at 63,500 words. After taking care of some publishing business, I started on another project. I think I’m about a third into that. Both projects have seen some very productive writing days.

That means I wrote 259 pages in May. That’s a handful of pages over what I’d have done if I’d only stuck to my session goals.

This project looks like it’ll be a short novel. That suggests to me that the follow-up, in the same world, will be the same. I have those two to write, plus another project after that. I have an idea or two on what to tackle once those are done. I might do some plotting to put those ideas into shape.

Take care, and here’s hoping for a solid June!

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