The Opposite of Absolute

I have a new fantasy novel out, The Opposite of Absolute. Here's what it's about:

John Ewert is one of a handful of survivors of a mysterious plague that kills off most of humanity. Strangely, the plague leaves those survivors with magical powers.

One group of survivors gather around a man named Gabe in Ames, Iowa. They believe The End Times are at hand, and they will be the heroes of Revelations. Others follow a woman named Lucy to Dallas. She tells them they’re going to fight and win the final battle of the haves against the have-nots.

As what seems to be the last of humanity goes to war, John wonders, “Is this the apocalypse, or just an incredible simulation?”

The novel is in print ($8.00) and ebook ($2.99) editions. Here's where you can find it (for now):


Happy Holidays!


The Trail to Better Days

I have a new fantasy novella out, The Trail to Better Days. Here's what it's about:

One day Will Beck says to his patron, Duke Amos of Columbia, “I’m under siege on two fronts. My trading business has to pay duties to bring goods into Columbia, and I have pay more for plows and such for my estate.” Beck has an idea: go directly west, over the plains, and attempt to establish a direct trade route to the dwarves and their prized metal goods. Can this simple suggestion improve the lives of Beck and his people?

As with my other novellas, there are print and ebook editions. The ebook edition is 99¢, while the print edition is $5.00. Here's where you can get it:


This novella was inspired by the research I did into the Santa Fe Trail, back in the day. Driving this story was the real-life history of the founding of the Trail. I hope you enjoy this novella, and I hope you'll do some research on your own into the Santa Fe Trail.

Talk to you again soon!

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