The fourth book in the Blue Pistol series, Bombs, is now out:

“With the events in Saint’s Hope and Black Rapids last year, the Slavers Guild might want to go on the offensive against the Blue Pistol. It would be better to keep them distracted.”

That’s why Bart Cochran wants to shift the war of the Blue Pistol against the Slavers Guild in the new year. He suggests targeting a dukedom farther from the gains of previous years. His scheme will involve convincing a Guild Master that the rivalry between the Dukedoms of Hilltown and Low Falls is on the verge of erupting into war.

His other suggestion is to have their allies in Freeman’s Hold build bombs, disguised as letter boxes, that will be sent to every Duke in the Settled Domains that isn’t on the Blue Pistol’s side.

What happens to slavery in the Domains when these schemes explode?

The book is available in print and ebook editions at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. Check my book page for links.


Pioneer Memorial Library Book Festival

On Saturday, September 14, I attended a book festival held at the Pioneer Memorial Library in Colby, Kansas.

I left on Thursday the 12th to visit some libraries beforehand. It rained all day, and one of the people I needed to see was out. I did place a few extra books at Kansas Originals, and there's a chance I might get a book talk next year from one of that day's visits. I stayed overnight in Hays.

The next day, Friday the 13th, I spent some time in the morning writing before leaving for the day's visits. I placed some books at the Fick Fossil Museum in Oakley, sold a book to one library, and got to a couple more places. Once I got to my hotel in Colby that afternoon, I did some more writing.

I was one of several Kansas authors attending the festival on Saturday. Not very many people came to the festival, which was sad. The library bought several of my titles, and I sold a few other books, so the day was okay for me. I went to a local Chinese place for dinner afterward. This was the fortune in my fortune cookie: Good books are friends who are always ready to talk to us. I'm going to hang onto that for a bit.

I don't have anything on the calendar until Encounters, but I will have one or two new titles out between now and then.

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