Eighty House

I have a new book out, my second steampunk mystery, Eighty House. Here's what it's about:

Andrew Manson is back in New York City, working on an invention that might ease traffic in the city: a steam-powered omnibus.

He’s visited by his college friend John Simmons and John’s sister Josephine. John’s working for the United States Navy on a project, and wants to talk to Andrew about his research.

The day after John and Josephine arrive, John disappears from the boarding house they’re staying at, and the owner insists Josephine was staying alone. How did John leave Eighty House without Josephine hearing him go? Is he safe? Who are the men following Andrew and Josephine around New York City while they search for her missing brother?

Eighty House is available as a print book and as an ebook. Click here to find store links.


Writing Stats for September 2016

Here's the latest post on how much I'm writing.

Well, I put together a plot, and the Monday after my first event in months, I started writing. However, that same Monday I came down with a cold, so I lost a week of writing. I also lost a few days to getting the next book ready to be published. Finally, I found myself not excited about the story I was working on, so I took some time to think up another story, and started writing that.

So, I only wrote 45 pages in September. I seem to have more interest in the new story, so I'm hoping that will mean good numbers in October.

Not that I'll be writing every day. I have a convention coming up in the middle of the month. Still, I hope that I'll get close to normal in my birthday month.

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