Stealing the Duke of Fallwood


Robbin, a thief and cheater, is approached by another thief, Cedric. The older outlaw proposes to rob the Duke of Fallwood. Though Fallwood isn’t rich, the Duke is old and has been hoarding the taxes he’s collected over his long reign. Robbin proposes a safer scheme. Instead of robbing the manor they could cheat the Duke out of part of his fortune.

The two go to Fallwood and undertake their scheme, pretending to be merchants. But as Robbin tries for a safe steal, Cedric keeps trying for a quick steal. Then the Duke makes a proposal of his own over his own grand-daughter. What will Robbin do to save himself from those schemes?

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King Casyn


Casyn is a young Prince of Duvonna and heir to the kingship. He lives in a time of peace and magic, but conflicts and troubles are still present in his domain and in those of Duvonna’s neighbors.

His rise to power will see him win duels and display his wits. What Casyn will struggle with at times is the morality of the choices he makes as Prince and then King. Can a strong and wise King also be a moral man?

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The Behemoth of Brittigord


An old wizard of Brittigord has a notion to use magic to create a monster to defend his kingdom. The King supports the idea but his son does not.

Meanwhile, the witch lover of a Princess in a rival kingdom has made a dark discovery about magic.

Are these two notions doomed to clash tragically? What suffering will result from “the Behemoth of Brittigord?”

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Calla of Cularum


Calla is the rare young woman woking as a scribe for the government of the Golden Empire. One of the Empire’s Governors enlists her to conduct a survey of the nearby province of Cularum and its Governor, who may or may not be dealing with pirates.

This mission will upend Calla’s life in myriad ways. She will learn about Cularum, encounter a wild slave, and deal with the nobility of the Empire. Which of these will make her “Calla of Cularum?”

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Du’s Northern Dance


Once again Du and Gray the dragon are given a mission by the ruler of the Kingdom of the Coast. This time they’re to go north to the Snow Kingdom to learn about that land. There are rumors of men being able to use magic and trouble between the young King and his uncle.

Gray has some new spells to demonstrate while away, and Du is pondering her future. Could this journey north be more than just an adventure for them? Could it be the start of a very different adventure for the former bandit and the one dragon in the world?

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Ruzi’s Pirate Plot


Ruzi helped Adahilara throw off its wicked King. Two years later the new King asks her to go abroad. The infamous “City of Pirates” may have struck at ships sailing around Adahilara. The pirates threaten efforts to extend trade east. She’s to investigate the matter and return with a solution.

Yet there’s only so much one witch can learn by asking questions. Ruzi decides to pay a visit to the City of Pirates. She does find out more about the pirates, but she also discovers that the daughter of the Pirate King is dismissed by those around her. Is there more that Ruzi can do than just observe? Can she come up with a plot to stop the pirates?

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Zi’s Distant Discoveries


An urgent message has arrived for Zi and Ysina. The ape-folk they freed in their first adventure together report strange lights and missing Chiefs. Ysina is Princess and has to raise their daughter, so Zi offers to go south. Once there she tries to find the missing Chiefs, build peace with the ape-folk, and figure out why strangers from far away are so interested in the colored stones that Chiefs and their mates wear around their necks.

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Du’s Magical Rebellion


Du gets her first important mission from the King. People are fleeing the kingdom of Adahilara to the Bands of the Peaks. The refugees are too many mouths for the Bands to feed, endangering the peace between the Bands and the Kingdom of the Coast.

Du and her friend, Gray the dragon, are tasked to take action. While they find important help, they know that a few humans and a dragon can’t launch a rebellion and overthrow a King. They could, however, use their wits and magic to undermine his rule. Will that be how they wage a rebellion?

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Zi and the Dragon


Zi and Ysina are in the kingdom Zi grew up in. Ysina is teaching a few witches while both tell the King about magic. Before they’re about to leave for home, a report comes of a dragon raiding farms and stealing livestock.

Zi and Ysina have to go in search of this dragon. Along the way they find bandits. They also find that while they can help solve some problems, others must be solved by those concerned about those problems.

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Zi and the Witch


Zi is the daughter of a silk merchant who is unsure about where her life should go. Suddenly she’s whisked away to another land by magic by a witch named Ysina. Zi finds herself on an adventure to return home. She meets strange beings and experiences all sorts of spells. But has more than adventure found her?

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The Island in the Lake


A strange thing has happened in the eastern part of the kingdom of Hedfestyr. Three lizard-kin have built an island in the middle of a lake. Is this good for the kingdom or dire news?

Queen Godwa dispatches her cousin Lefwin to meet the lizard-kin and determine their intentions. What he learns about them, about the distant past of the land, and about knowledge is general opens his eyes.

Yet Hedfestyr has troublesome rivals. Will the impact of the island in the lake give the kingdom power or hope?

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