Slowing Down the Schedule

You may have noticed that this post isn't telling you what I have out this month. That's because I don't have anything coming out this month. I've decided to ease up on the release schedule for the next couple years.

This is mainly due to the Defender series. I have so many individual works in the series now that it felt odd trying to put out each one as a separate ebook. I also wanted to put them into ebook collections, just as they are in print collections. It struck me that, rather than wait, and especially rather than put up then pull the titles to release the ebook collections, I ought to just get the collections themselves out and save the effort.

So, here's the planned schedule: next month the third Defender print volume will come out. The next month will be the fourth Defender print volume, and the ebook collection of stories 11 to 20. The month after that will be a novella that I've been wanting to get out for a couple of years now. There will be a break of a couple of months, then I'll have a few more new releases in the fall. I'm also hoping to put out the ebook collection of the first 10 Defender stories around that time.

The nice thing about self-publishing is that writers can experiment. I'm going to experiment with my release schedule for the next couple of years. Here's hoping the experiment leads to more sales!


Writing Stats for January 2016

It's a month into the new year, so time for a new series of reports on how much I've been writing.

I've started 2016 on a roll. Every day I've been writing I've been productive. I've had some good sessions and some really good days.

All that means I wrote 195 pages in January. That's a few pages over the goal, and is the most I've written in a month since April. I'm proud of that number. What also pleases me is that the work I wrapped up towards the end of the month came in at a couple thousand words under 30K. That and the previous work were among the longest pieces I've written in several months.

I don't if the work I've just started will be quite so long. February is also a short month. Still, I'm hopeful I can keep up a good writing pace that I started in the new year.

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