Topeka Book Talk

On Sunday, July 21, I went up to Topeka, Kansas, to talk about Kansas County Seat Conflicts and my other books at the Topeka/Shawnee County Public Library. Sadly, only a handful of people showed up, and I sold just a couple of books. I think the library will get copies of some of my other books, so that could boost the day's numbers a bit.

The next day I went to a few places in northeastern Kansas to distribute more copies of the book and get them interested in events. The Old Depot Museum in Ottawa took a couple copies of several titles for their bookstore. I was also able to contact the Leavenworth library and the Raven Bookstore in Lawrence. I'm hoping those visits will lead to a few more book talks later this year or next year.

I have a signing in Abilene in under two weeks. I'm working on getting more books out, so maybe there will be a post between now and then. Till then, take care!


Smashwords July sale!


My collections, novellas, and some of my novels are half off for the month of July at Smashwords as part of their annual July "Summer/Winter" promotion.

Here's where you can find my titles: Robert Collins

If you're not familiar with Smashwords, they offer ebooks in every format for every reader: Kindles, Nooks, iDevices, whatever you have. Every July they have a "Summer/Winter" sale, as it's summer here and winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and summer and winter are good times to buy books.

Oh, and if there isn't anything of mine that interests you, poke around the site anyway. There might be works by other authors that will grab you.


SoonerCon 22

Over the weekend of June 28-30 I attended SoonerCon 22 in Oklahoma City.

I had a table in the Artist Alley, which this year was in front of the Dealer Room in the center of a conference center. This meant that people had to get around us to get to the Dealer Room, but also to the Art Show room and a theater. Also, we were in sight of Registration, and there was only one way into the con.

I did decently, selling 20 books over the weekend. That was up from 13 the year before. I'm sure having more books available is helping. I brought with me about 3 dozen of my brochures. I gave all of them away, and probably could have handed out half a dozen to a dozen more. Towards the end of the con on Sunday, I even gave out my table sign!

Once again I didn't sign up for any panels. Because of the hours of the Artist Alley and the Dealer Room, I wasn't able to make opening or closing ceremonies. I did meet a few new people at the con, and saw some familiar faces. I wish I could have gotten to more events, but the con ran me a bit ragged, and I was just getting over whatever had given me sinus trouble the last month.

This year SoonerCon was held in the Reed Conference Center, next to a Sheraton Hotel. I parked in front of the hotel, so I had a bit of a walk setting up and tearing down. My room was okay, though cool during the weekend because when I arrived the AC had been set pretty low. Parking was free; hurrah!

On the way back I chose to hop off I-35 at the Tonkawa exit. There I picked up US-77, and stayed on it through Ponca City and into Kansas. That now means I've driven along US-77 from Tonkawa, Oklahoma to Lincoln, Nebraska. That's another highway across Kansas I can check off my list.

I may have another book out this month, and I do have a book talk in a few weeks. Until then, take care and keep reading!

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