The Codex of the Hidden

I have another new fantasy novel out:

Denys has come to the mighty city of Bladeport to become a proper wizard. He also wishes to learn more about a book his Duke gave him, “The Codex of the Hidden.” The riddle of this mysterious and magical book will make Denys a wanted man and expose him and his friends to Bladeport’s bloody past.

The book is on sale now. I hope you’ll check it out!


Writing Progress, September 2020

I hope you’re all well. Here’s the latest post about how my writing is going.

September was a busy month, except when it wasn’t. Late on Labor Day my sinuses started acting up due to the change in the weather. That caused me to miss a few days of writing. I also took off a few sessions to edit some future releases.

I continued to write short stories about “Jilla the Rogue.” I completed 9 of them in September. Here are the word counts: 4500; 7900; 8200; 6750; 8500; 5800; 8700; 11,300 (!); 5250.

That adds up to 247 pages written last month. If I’d met all my session goals I’d have written 264 pages. So, down a bit but not too bad.

I’ve finished one short story to start October. I have one more with Jilla to write, then a longer work featuring her. I have a work plotted out with another character for after that, then I don’t know what I’ll write. Sounds like I have to plot more stories.

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