Collections Consolidated

The process of consolidating my various short story collections is underway! Here's the first one, Fun Tales!

Here’s a collection of stories you won’t find anywhere else. Inside are tales of a spooky mansion eager to be bought; disappointed model railroad denizens; and a doorknob that greets your hand, literally.

Also part of this collection are the sagas of Surgard the Northerner. Journey with the heroic and witty Surgard as he faces down foolish giants, singing dwarves, duplicitous wizards, suspicious savages, and worst of all, a monster with an attorney!

And last but not least is the tale of the Valley Springs Resort. It’s a place on a distant world where visitors can relax and have a good time. You might not think such a place has much of a story. You’d be wrong, which is why you need to go there.

This collection is in ebook and print editions. For store links check the SF&F page.


Writing Stats for July 2017

Here's the latest post on how much I'm writing.

I got back into the flow towards the latter half of June, and the flow continued into July. I wrote 188 pages. That's just a few pages under the goal I've set for myself. An excellent month, I'd say!

One novel was completed in July. It ended up being 70,000 words, which was a little on the short side. Once I added a little material to build it up, I went into the next project idea. That seems to be moving along as well. Looking forward, I don't think I'll lose too many sessions in August due to various and sundry. Here's hoping for more good writing totals!

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