Terezia Chooses


Terezia is the daughter of a merchant. She and her her father are visiting the city of Alhira, the seat of the kingdom across the sea from her home. Her father is trying to expand his trade.

Terezia is trying to decide what to do with her life. She wants to help her father but isn’t sure how. Will her decision be affected by a handsome stranger, or one of the local witches? What future will Terezia choose?

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Inga's Magic


A young man comes to Inga the witch to ask for a love potion. She tells him that using such a potion would be wrong. Instead she encourages him to get over his shyness with a young woman by writing to her. It’s not her usual work, so will this sort of magic be helpful to anyone?

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Hanna's Debts


The law is not on Hanna’s side when her father dies, as local law prevents her from inheriting his merchant business. Her cousin, the youngest son of the Baron, asks for her help in exposing the wickedness of his older brother to their father. If she does so, he’ll be in her debt. What will she do to collect on that debt?

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The Sea Fox


Venda’s brothers die at sea due to the foolishness of the master of a pirate ship. She leaves the Snowlands and joins the master’s ship. This starts her on a grand adventure at sea, trusting in her wits and her friend’s magic as a pirate.

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Cari and the Conqueror


Cari is a thief tempted to break into a wizard’s house. But instead of treasure she hears the wizard tell a tale of magical airships and an evil emperor. His tale turns out to be true, launching Cari into a tale of her own with battles, witches, daring escapes, and a pretty Princess.

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Jilla and the Mistress


Jilla used to be known as a woman who bested men in duels. Now she travels the world, searching for wealth to steal, women (and men) to love, and the odd danger (magical or not) to overcome. This tale finds Jilla the Rogue dealing with young nobles, the mistress of one of them, and the choice of being a rogue or an actor.

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The Rebel of Barnfield


Edith of Barnfield is the daughter of a merchant. He doesn’t think she should follow in his trade. That decision will drive her to witness a mighty battle, engage with a Princess, and resist those who would mistreat the subjects of her kingdom.

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The Queen Who Triumphed Through Food


Malira is the daughter of a Duke. She’s entering into an arranged marriage with the King of Stonewood. She’s fair to look upon and wise in the head. But could her greatest advantage be her knowledge of food and the skill to prepare it? No doubt hers will be quite the tasty journey through life and politics.

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The Pretender Princess


Shell is a girl of the streets when the Baron of Falls Mouth has her brought to him. He teaches her manners and tells her she is Princess Rebecca, thought to have been murdered years before.

This takes her to a battlefield, the center of the kingdom, and life in the castle, but not as a Princess. But curiosity has a hold on her, and knowledge has kept her alive. By always asking questions and finding answers, she might overcome her reputation as a pretender Princess.

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Enough Thieves


Jilla used to be known as a woman who bested men in duels. Now she travels the world, searching for wealth to steal, women (and men) to love, and the odd danger (magical or not) to overcome. This collection contains nine tales of Jilla the Rogue, in which she steals a man, buys a woman, and actually solves crimes instead of committing them.

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Balia is born with a mighty talent for magic and a destiny not in the land of her birth. Naturally that leads to travel and adventure. Is she going to spend her whole life looking for her place? Or will she find her destiny sooner rather than later?

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Spies, Spells, & Love


Katherine, the daughter of the Baron of Tall Glen, prefers manly pursuits like riding and being able to fight. Her King enlists Kat in a secret mission to travel to a neighboring kingdom. There she will help freed slaves and keep an eye on that land. Kat finds herself in an adventure she didn’t expect, and experiencing feelings she didn’t think she’d feel.

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Queen’s Return


A young woman travels to a distant land to learn magic. In time she discovers an evil enchantment cast over the castle. The enchantment has prevented daughters from being born into the royal family. But it won’t be enough just to smash the enchantment. What else must she do when the chance of rule by a Queen returns to this kingdom?

The book is out now; here is the trailer:

I hope you enjoy it!

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