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I re-read a few books to get me in the right frame of mind for my current projects:

The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Expecting Someone Taller

Who's Afraid of Beowulf?

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Happy reading!


Writing Stats for June 2019

Back again to tell you how much I wrote in the previous month.

In June I finished the novel I'd been working on. It turned out to be 109,000 words. That's the fourth novel in a row that came in for me at over 100K words. Seeing as I'd only gotten up to about 85K before, I'm pleased that I've stretched myself like that. Furthermore, the novel is a stand-alone, so not only can I do a series of books that long, but I can write a single novel of that length.

I completed the novel in the middle of the month. I paused for a while to rest and do other stuff, then I started on a new work. All that means I wrote 210 pages in June. That's 10 pages over what I would have achieved if I'd only met my session goals.

One reason for that is that I'm trying an experiment. I'm trying to add one more writing session per day. I want to try it out for at least one full month before I make this change permanent. But so far I haven't felt burnt-out from three sessions a day. I'll find out how it goes through July.

Whatever the number of sessions a day, I hope to continue to be productive as the summer rolls on!

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