Museum of World Treasures Signing

On Saturday, August 10, I went to the Museum of World Treasures in Wichita to do a signing for Kansas County Seat Conflicts. It was part of their Customer Appreciation Day.

I only sold one book, but I had a good time. I talked to one of the staffers for a good long while about interesting museums and ghost towns in the area. I also met two young teens who were aspiring writers and SF/F fans. I gave them information about Wattpad and about Encounters.

Unfortunately, I came down with a sinus bug that night. The congestion affected my equilibrium so much that on Sunday I was actually nauseous. As of today (Tuesday), I've improved enough to get to my desk and write this post.

I have a new novella out, so I'll try to post on that this weekend. I'm hoping I'll be over this bug by then.

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