Rivendell Book Signing

On Saturday, August 3, I had a signing at the Rivendell Bookstore in Abilene, Kansas.

I left the day before. I went through Lindsborg and Concordia, trying to drum up more interest in Kansas County Seat Conflicts. I don't know if I accomplished all that much.

The signing was also slow. I'd decided in advance to stay in Abilene Saturday night, as well as Friday. That allowed me to get to the store when it opened at 10 AM, and stay though the afternoon. There was a fair and rodeo going on in town that weekend, and the folks at the store were hoping that would bring in traffic.

It ended up being a slow day. Only one person came into the store and looked at my books. Others came into the store but passed me by. The folks running the store were happy to hear about area SF cons, and excited for Encounters; they're fans of Jim Butcher.

Still, it was a pleasant little trip. I have another signing on the 10th, and then nothing on the schedule till September. I am in the process of getting out another Jake Bonner novella; I'll let you know when it goes live.

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