Writing Stats for December 2019

2019 is over, so it’s time to recap December and my year in writing.

I got the last bit of a 45K-word short novel done to start the month. During the month I got a 41K short novel written. Towards the end of the month I finished a work that came in at 27K words (wrote the last thousand or so on New Year’s Day). That means I wrote 277 pages in December. I’m good with that.

Overall in 2019 I wrote a total of 2902 pages. That ends up being an average of 242 pages a month. I did up my writing schedule during the year. I imagine that total will go up in 2020 as I continue to settle into it. As a reminder, I aim for 4 pages a session, 3 sessions a day, Monday through Friday.

What’s that in terms of words? Roughly speaking I wrote 725,000 words in 2019. That’s well over 100K words from 2018. If I can keep to the bare minimum of my schedule this year, I might be able to write three-quarters of a million words. Not quite the million words a year some writers can do, but who knows? I might be able to get there sometime in the future.

So, what will I be writing? As this post is published I plan to start on the fourth of a quartet of fantasy-romance stories I’ve been writing. After that I have some short stories to pursue. After those I believe I have some outlines that I’m hoping will lead to novel-length works.

How will I do? Keep following my blog this year to find out how much I write. There’s also going to be lots of releases this year, too. Please consider subscribing to my newsletter to keep updated.

Here’s hoping for a productive and creative 2020!

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