Writing Stats for August 2016

Here's the next update on how much I'm writing.

August started well, then I completed the novel I'd been working on towards the end of the second week. I had a few non-writing errands to accomplish after that, and I had to figure out the story of my next project.

That means I wrote 70 pages that month. That's about 15-20 pages under the ideal for two weeks of writing sessions, but I'm okay with that. The novel turned out to be 72,000 words. That means that this year I've written one novel that came to 85,000 words (the longest work I've ever written), and this second one at 72k. Since I haven't written novels that long in, well, years, I'm pleased with my output so far.

I have a new story idea plotted, so I'll start on that this month. Here's hoping for another month of productivity!

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