The Defender: The Black Ghost

The latest work in The Defender series is now out, The Defender: The Black Ghost.

Word has reached Crown’s Hold of a dangerous new outlaw, “The Black Ghost.” For some time, the Black Ghost has been stealing from travelers on roads in the eastern dukedoms of the Kingdom. Now the outlaw has robbed a merchant’s home in one city, and has killed a band of thieves in another.

Queen Elspeth sends Allan and Nancy, “The Defender” and “The Moon Spirit,” east to hunt down the Black Ghost. But while they’re searching, another murder happens in a third city.

Who is the Black Ghost? Is there a motive behind these crimes in separate cities? Can the Defender and the Moon Spirit capture the outlaw before he strikes again?

Like the rest, this is available as an ebook. Check The Defender page for store links.

Also, the next print compilation volume, Tales of the Defender, Volume Two, is now on sale. This combines the sixth through the tenth stories into a single print book. Check the page for store links for that as well.

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