Event Report - Soonercon 21

Over the weekend of June 15-17 I was at Soonercon 21 in Oklahoma City.

I had a table in the Arists' Alley. I did about average as cons go, in terms of book sales. I sold about a dozen copies of my books, including a couple of my Kansas history books. I also gave out several copies of my e-book brochures. I don't know if the brochures are generating sales, but I'll keep at them.

There were some familiar faces at the con. I did get to meet new people, including a few writers. I also met Peter S. Beagle, one of the major guests.

Once again I got the word out about Encounters to as many people as I could. It helped that this time two members of the Whovians of Wichita, who are also on the Encounters staff, were present. One was able to hand out flyers. I introduced a few people I knew to them. I hope all these efforts help come October.

I chose not to volunteer for any panels at Soonercon. Looking over the list, I don't think there were very many panels where I could have made much of a contribution. I also didn't do much in terms of staying up late. In fact, Sunday evening I actually napped for an hour, then slept 7 hours during the night!

Soonercon was at a Sheraton, but this hotel was much better than the Sheraton ConQuest was at. The food in the hotel restaurant & lounge was on the pricey side, but boy was it good! One of the wait staff told me she went to the con to buy art. Parking was inexpensive; I spent just over half what I had in Kansas City, yet was parked for one more day in Oklahoma City than in KC.

I hope I can return to Soonercon next year. I had a great time.

There's nothing on the schedule for another month. In the meantime I have a couple posts about ebooks, short stories, and a new collection in the pipeline. See you soon!

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