Writing Progress, April 2020

Another month has passed, so it’s time to update you on how much I’m writing.

First, I hope you’re all doing well. Things continue to be fine with me.

I finished another novel in April. It came in at just under 79,000 words. While that’s good, most of my writing sessions were just hitting the goal. I also missed a few days due to various and sundry, including pausing between projects to edit some of next year’s releases.

That means I wrote 248 pages last month. That’s about 15 pages shy of what I would have written had I hit every daily session goal.

The last few days of April saw me start on a new project. It’s moving along pretty well. I’ve also outlined three more projects, and I have thoughts on another. Keep following this blog to see how I do. Also, please subscribe to my email newsletter to keep up on what I’m reading, watching, and learn about my releases before I post here.

Take care!

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