Boodle Land

Here’s a different sort of fantasy novel for you:

Harrison County lies in the High Plains of Kansas. Settlers are coming west, and even this small and isolated county is growing. But all is not peaceful on the prairie.

Two towns, Verona and Promontory, want to be the county seat. The town that gets the seat will get the county government, the chance for a railroad, and hope for the future. The town that doesn’t get the seat might not exist in six months or a year. This desire will spark a rivalry between the towns that will last for years.

Magickers won’t decide the outcome. Neither will gunfighters or the Army. No, the battle will be waged at the ballot box, in civil court, and in the columns of the towns’ newspapers. Which town will prove itself, and which will be nothing but a “boodle town?”

Why, yes, this one was inspired by one of my nonfiction books. This novel is on sale now; look for it at your favorite store.

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