Writing Stats for March 2016

Here's the monthly post about how much I'm writing.

March was a pretty good month for me, except for the part about my allergies acting up as soon as I finished a story and keeping me away from my desk for almost a week. I concluded one story in the Defender universe and plotted and started writing a story in my steampunk universe.

All that means I wrote 171 pages in March. That's about 30 pages less than I could have done. Considering that I was sick for a week, the numbers still come pretty close to where I'd like them to have been.

In April I have my one out-of-town convention for the year. I also don't have a project waiting for me once the one I'm working on is done. I may not get much writing done this month, though I am hoping to work on a plot for the next story. I guess I'll see how the month goes...

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