Site Update

I've made an update to my SF/F Books page.

I have so many books out that it seemed to me that the page was getting a bit unwieldy to use. My various series were mixed with non-series books. The books were in order of release, which would make it hard if you came here looking for the first book in a certain series.

So, I've added pages to the site for each of those series. The link to each of those pages is at the top of the SF/F Books page. The first book in each series is at the top of each page, with next one below it, and so on. If there are any compilation volumes, that will also be noted at the top of the page, with links to them a little farther down each page.

I hope this is helpful in finding your favorite book or series. I've written quite a few Defender books, so I worry that the series might need more than one page!

Let me know if there's anything else you think I could do to make my blog more user-friendly.

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