Writing Stats for April 2014

Here's the fourth "writing stats" post of the year, letting you know how my writing output is progressing.

Things came up this month, mainly my trip to ConStellation 5. Those things ended up affecting how many writing sessions I had, mainly towards the end of the month.

The overall goal for this month was: 4 pages a day during morning and afternoon sessions, 5 days a week; and 4 pages during a morning session on Saturday.

In April I was able to write 140 pages. That's about 50 pages under what I could have written, or about a week of not writing. On the other hand, that's about 40 pages more than I would have written under the old schedule of 4 pages a day, six days a week.

I have one fiction project I'm working on, and one that I'll tackle after that. Beyond that I don't have anything I'm certain I'd like to write. My writing is progressing, but I expect to have lower page counts than normal over the summer due to con season.

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