The Defender #1!

The first volume of a new series, The Defender: Elderwood, is now out!

Blurb: Allan flees Elderwood City because he killed the rich man who murdered his sister. He hides in the ruins of an acient castle. He discovers the castle was the stronghold of one the legendary mages of yore.

Allan learns that the magic never went away, only diminished due to overuse. He has the gift of using magic to cast spells, reading the tomes of the long-dead mage. But what should he do with his new-found skill?

Allan decides that he will fight the injustices that threw he and his sister onto the streets, and ultimately led to her death. He will disguise himself as The Defender, and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Allan returns to Elderwood City. He finds that his battle will be against more than common criminals and the idle rich. Corruption goes to the heart of His Lordship’s Manor, and is spread throughout the city.

Can Allan handle his new powers, and succeed as a masked hero? Can he inspire hope, or is the darkness too entrenched to be defeated?

The book is available in print and ebook editions at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords now, and other stores soon.

As I wrote at the top, it's the first of a series. I have six other works written so far. Most are novella length, with the last coming in as a short novel, like Elderwood. I plan to release a new Defender book every other month for the next year.

I hope you enjoy this new world and these new characters!

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