ConStellation 5

Over the weekend of April 25-27 I attended ConStellation 5, the SF convention in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Like last year, I had a table in the dealers room to sell my books. This year I sold 33 books. It's about what I did last year, maybe a few less. That surprised me, since I didn't sell that many books at the other cons I was at last year. Still, I'll take any good surprise when it comes to my book sales.

I was also able to get some subscribers to my email newsletter. I should be sending out the first issue of the newsletter next week. It's not too late for you to join up; just enter your data in the boxes to your right and click "Subscribe."

New for me at ConStellation this year was that I did a panel on writing and publishing. The panel ended up being scheduled for Friday at 5 PM. Happily, several people did show up. I hope I was informative and helpful.

I'm trying to save money by bringing some of my own food with me to cons. Before I left I discovered that my old cooler, the one I'd had for about a decade and a half, was way too small. I paused in Augusta on the way up to buy a new, bigger cooler. Slight delay in arriving, but worth it.

The wind was howling on the way back, so I didn't stop to take any pictures. Maybe next time...

My next event is a book signing at The Burrow in Wichita on May 4. Since I plan to have a new book out next week, I doubt I'll blog about that signing. My next con will be ConQuest.

See you soon!

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