The Convention

I have a new short novel out! It features one of the main characters from True Friends. It's called The Convention; here's the blurb:

David Chalmers is attending Mo-Kan 2, a science fiction convention in Kansas City. He’s there because a national Doctor Who group has big plans for the future. During the con he meets fellow fan Lila Woodson and the members of another fan group, the Space Rats.

Will this convention alter David’s future? Will Lila win the costume contest? Should we be afraid of Doctor Who: The Wrath of Kroll?

The book is in print and ebook editions. Right now it's at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. It'll be at other stores soon.

Yes, I will have copies with me at the cons I'm attending this year.


Writing Stats for March 2014

Here's the third "writing stats" post of the year, letting you know how my writing output is progressing.

I didn't have quite so much come up this past month than in January or February, so that's good.

The overall goal for this month was: 4 pages a day during morning and afternoon sessions, 5 days a week; and 4 pages during a morning session on Saturday.

In March I was able to write 161 pages. According to my numbers, that's 1 page more than the overall goal for the month. That's with missing a few sessions, too.

I blazed through a two works about about novella length. One was fiction, the other nonfiction. I have two fiction projects ahead of me. Their plot outlines suggest to me that they might be longer than the works I've been writing.

At the end of this month my con season gets underway. I expect I might lose some writing, since Fridays and Mondays are travel days. I'll just have to see how productive I am. This year has started slower than I thought it would, but I have written more on the new schedule than I would have under the old one. Overall, I think my writing progress is moving steadily forward.