Writing Stats for July 2016

Here is the latest update on how much I'm writing this year.

After the Fourth, I started work on a new project. I've been writing pretty much every day. That means I wrote 169 pages in July. That's only 20 pages shy of what I could have written had I worked at every writing session since July 1. That is not bad!

The project is moving along nicely. It's already past 50,000 words, and seems to be between half and two-thirds done. That tells me I should have some good numbers for the first part of August, but then I'll need to take time to figure out what to write next.

Here's hoping for more solid progress!


Writing Stats for June 2016

Here's an update on how much I'm writing this year.

The first part of June was a good month for writing, then I came to the end of the novel I was working on. After that I spent a week formatting book projects that will be published over the next few years. After that I started plotting the next story.

What that means is that I wrote 98 pages in June. While that's not great for a month, that's just over par for that particular 15-day period. That makes me happy.

As I have another book plotted, I'm going to start writing. Here's hoping for a strong July!