The Defender #3!

The third Defender story is now available! Here's what it's about:

It’s a new year, and Allan must leave the dukedom of Stoneford to continue his work as the masked mage known as “The Defender.”

A man in the city of Oak Falls has been killed. The guards dashed to the home of the murder, and. saw a man run from them. They chased him for a short distance, then he stopped, pulled up the hood of his cloak, and vanished.

Allan fears that someone is used magic to commit this murder. Could it be another mage? Could someone have found ancient enchantments from the era of the Great Mages? The Defender has to go to Oak Falls and discover the truth.

While Allan is gone, his girlfriend Nancy is about to embark on an adventure of her own as “The Moon Spirit.” What lies in store for both these new heroes?

The book is available in print and ebook editions at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords now, and other stores soon.

You can read the first chapters of this and the other Defender tales at Wattpad. Another new Defender book will be out in two months.

I hope you enjoy this tale!


Writing Stats for August 2014

Here's the eighth "writing stats" post of the year, letting you know how my writing output is progressing.

No writing in August. The month started well with lots of books sold at OSFest. I took the rest of the month off. I watched the first season of Arrow, some Doctor Who in advance of the new season, and a couple of documentaries: Dear Mr. Watterson and Downloaded. Look them up if you're interested. I also read The Mask of Zorro and The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Not that I could completely stay away from writing. I did some poking around the internet, searching for ideas for upcoming works. I now have seven (yes, 7!) stories to write for the Defender series. I'll start on those this month, along with what might be my first steampunk story. I may also have the start of an idea for yet another Defender story, or more likely, a story arc.

So, back on the schedule, and back to writing!