ConStellation 6

Over the weekend of May 8-10, I went to Lincoln, Nebraska, to attend ConStellation 6.

As in previous years, I had a table in the dealer room. Attendance appeared to be down from last year, most likely because that Saturday was graduation day for the university, and Sunday was Mother's Day. Still, I didn't do too bad. I sold 26 books over the weekend. I also had a friend buy several of my books at the Kindle Store. I also added a couple more addresses to my email newsletter. (It's quarterly now, if I haven't mentioned it before. You can subscribe to it at the right.)

I didn't do any panels, but I did agree to do a reading. However, I drew the short straw and ended up with my reading being at 10 AM on Saturday. Instead of reading, I just chatted with the few that showed up about various and sundry.

There was a little bit of an adventure on the trip. After I fueled up and got lunch on the way up Friday, I saw that the "Maintenance Required" light on my dash blinked for a bit before it went off. It did the same once I unloaded at the hotel and drove into the parking garage. I thought I hadn't tightened the gas cap, so I did that. The light came on and blinked just like before as I headed out Monday.

It seemed too early to find a garage in Lincoln, so I stopped in Beatrice. Turns out I was due for an oil change before the mileage for my regular service came up. Got that done, and made my way home safe and sound.

My next con is ConQuest, in just over a week and a half. Hope to see you there!


The Defender Number 7

A new title in the series, The Defender: The Staff of the Throne, is now out. Here's the blurb:

“The Defender” has been summoned to meet the King. Allan answers the call of His Majesty. Allan’s wife Nancy, “The Moon Spirit,” follows him to Crown’s Hold.

Allan not only meets the King, but his daughter, Princess Elspeth. Elspeth reveals that her brother, Prince Alfred, is not a nice young man, and might not be a fit heir to the throne. Elspeth’s research into the past has uncovered that there was once an enchanted object, “The Staff of the Throne,” which used magic to determine the best kings.

Elspeth gives the Defender and the Moon Spirit a mission: find the Staff of the Throne, so it can be used to determine if Alfred should become King.

Can the Staff of the Throne be found? Will it help or harm the future of the Kingdom? What might happen to the Defender and the Moon Spirit if it it’s found and used?

It's on sale as an ebook at Amazon, Smashwords, the Google Play Store, and elsewhere. Check the Defender page for store links.